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Violet Tears rose in 1998 from the ashes of three different dark music groups in the Bari area.
The group’s members got together and clicked immediately. Right away, the group’s six members bonded with that ‘feeling’ so necessary to good music and started working together, concentrating their efforts on a specific project. That is how Violet Tears was founded.
After some serious, full-immersion jamming in the rehearsal room, the band immediately got some gigs and started making a name for itself with fans of dark music and others.

Ticket sales rose steadily (there were 250 fans at the Halloween 2000 concert in Bari ) and audience interest in this new group grew sharply, which is interesting, considering that the Violet Tears sound is non commercial, it isn’t dance music and can’t be summed up in one of those cliché descriptions that seems to be so common.

After two years of jamming together, doing gigs together – even getting into trouble together – Violet Tears decided to create and then record what is now called “Fragments of Broken Dreams”,

a debut mcd made up of six songs, beautifully recorded in Bari by a master, Nicola Lonigro.
In a second time the mcd has been produced by the Italian label Anaemic Waves Factory ( www.awf.it ) in a limited edition of 100 copies only. At the moment the work is not available (if not in a promo version, buyable directly from Violet Tears to the e-mail's addresses violettears@virgilio.it or silenttear@virgilio.it) because sold out.

“Fragments of broken dreams” melodies sweep you up in their melancholy airs, pierced through by intricate baroque riffs at times icy and slashing, making it a musical listening gem for those intense moments of your life.
The sound is cool, the ambience decadent and pervaded by a subtle neoclassicism as befits the varied backgrounds of the musicians. The sound is hard to classify, though it could be likened to some works done by Projekt or Tess Records.
The band’s members like to listen to a wide array of music, though the influence of bands such as Arcana, Ataraxia, Autumn (USA), The Cure, the Frozen Autumn and Lycia are clear. Though these bands might have influenced Violet Tears’ music doesn’t mean that Violet Tears doesn’t has its own original sound based on its own ideas and its own composing “instinct”. The group like to call its sound melancholic, romantic, decadent dark wave, an inevitable, icy fusion.

Violet Tears believes in live acts, loves playing them and in the live acts their special sound captivates the audience. Their act is very theatrical, with a special setting every detail of which is carefully designed, which the group feels to be important. Audiences fall under its spell.
In the future, the group will have specially-designed projections. The group made one’s appearance as a six-piece band, but after the recording of “Fragments of broken dreams” the keyboard operator Maria Teresa Ciervo abandoned the line-up, and later (one year after) abandon the other keyboard player, Carmela De Zio, too.

The combo, composed by Carmen De Rosas (Voice), Claudio Contessa (voice and guitars), Claudio Cinnella (guitars, keyboards, synths, bass and programming), Gianluca Altamura (drums and programming), during the year 2002 Violet Tears has gone on performing in live act, obtaining excellent results and taking part, as the only band of support, to the concert (20/12/2002) held in Bisceglie (Ba, “Transilvania”) by the Italian band of Pulcher Femina.
Between the first mounth of 2003 and may of the same year Violet Tears have alternated the concert activity to the completion of the working of the new album, “Cold memories and remains”, composed by 9 songs more dark than those of the first work, but characterized by the same romantic basis and the typical sound of the band.
During the dates of October 2003 a new bass player, Tiziana Tosto, has worked together on the show of the band. Between February and March 2004 Violet Tears have recorded their first full length album “Cold memories and remains”.

After some mounths the cooperation with Tiziana ended off. The official presentation of "Cold memories & remains" has happened in Bari the 28th of April 2006, when Violet Tears opened the Italian date of the "Coroner's sun Concert" tour of Kirlian Camera. In the year 2007 Violet Tears have recorded their 2nd album, "Breeze of solitude", published for the Italian label Ark Records( www.arkrecords.net ).
During the year 2012 the songs "Velvet moon" (taken from the album "Breeze of solitude") and "Goodbye" (taken from the forthcoming album "Outside your door") have been published on the goth compilation "Dark emotions Vol. 1". In the year 2013 Violet Tears have recorded their 3nd album, "Outside youre door",
always published for the Italian label Ark Records.

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