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Dear readers, the concert already scheduled for the 20th of March in Rome, at the Defrag, has been delayed for reasons of public security, due to the spread of the epidemic Coronavirus.
The appointment will be postponed until a later date, which will be promptly communicated to you through our official channels.
Take care of yourself, in this difficult moment, and see you soon!


On the reviews page you can find some of the comments so far expressed on our latest work, "Metamorfosi". Enjoy the reading! We are also pleased to announce that on Friday 20 March 2020, at 22.00, we will play in concert in Rome at the Defrag, Via delle Isole Curzolane 75 (for information: info@associazionedefrag.net or +39 3200486439 - +39 0664495085). See you soon!


The 06th of June 2019 will see the light of our new album, entitled Metaforfosi, which will be published in digipack format by the German label Dark Vinyl www.darkvinyl-distribution.de and will consist of 9 tracks (Inganno / In The Garden / The Lovers / To The Life / Spazi Artificiali / Da lontano / Ritratti fatali / Sentieri / The Drowning Of My Hopes). You can order it directly from us, at Dark Vinyl or from the distributors connected to the label. See you soon!


Dear friend, we'll play at 9th of June 2014 in Leipzig (Germany) at the Wave Gothic Treffen (more info at www.wave-gothic-treffen.de and in Concerts). You can also read some new reviews about Outside your door in the page "Reviews". See you soon (in Germany)!


Dear readers, in the page "Reviews" you can read the first reviews about the new album "Outside your door". You can order "Outside your door" at violettears@virgilio.it or from Ark Records at info@arkrecords.net
See you soon for new updatings!


Even though with some delay, from the 15 th of May 2013 is available our new album "Outside your door" published from Ark Records ( www.arkrecords.net ) and soon distributed from Masterpiece Distribution ( www.masterpiecedistribution.com ).

"Outside your door" is a sonorous run through the rooms of the time, an homage to the lost affections and the innocence lost. Nine unrealised traks that draw origin in the undergrounds of the conscience: home will be anywhere we'll admit the uncontrollable lack of harmony of life.
You can order "Outside your door" at violettears@virgilio.it or from Ark Records at info@arkrecords.net

The "Lyrics" page has been updated with "Outside your door" lyrics, available in Italian and English version.
See you soon for new updatings!


Violet Tears will play in Bari at 14th of April 2013 at Bohemien Jazz Cafè (in Concert more details): during the gig the band will feature different new songs from the forthcoming album Outside your door


Dear readers,
we are happy to let you know about two unpublished songs from Violet Tears, Velvet moon, from the album Breeze of solitude and Goodbye, from the next new album's publishing Outside your door, availables in Dark Emotions Vol. 1 compilation, edited by the website portal Gothic World. The compilation is freely downloadable from this link
Have a nice listening!!
That's not all folks! Violet Tears will have a concert to Bari, Sunday 22th of April 2012, at Bohemien Jazz Cafe’ (keep a look in Concerts section for more informations). As always see you soon!


Violet Tears will play in Bari at 17th of March 2011 at Bohemien Jazz Café’ (in Concerts more details): during the gig the band will feature different new songs from the forthcoming album Outside your door. See you soon!


Dear friends, we're proud to announce that we'll play at New Demodé Disco in Modugno (BA) at the 12th of February 2011 (in Concerts all the details). In the end of the gig, Dance Hall with Dj Violet Tear (alias, Gianluca Altamura). Our new album, Outside your door, should be published by Ark Records during the next mounths. As soon more details! See you soon and we wish to all of you an happy new year!


Welcome back with the first news of the 2010!
Violet Tears will play in Bari at 25th of February 2010 at “Bohemien Jazz Café’” (in Concerts for more details): during the gig the band will feature different new songs from the forthcoming album Outside your door.
See you soon!


Dear friends at www.rosaselvaggia.com/claudiocinnella.htm you can read an interview to Claudio Ci. and a review of his first harvest of poetries, published few months ago, called Dal proscenio di un’esistenza a caso (Akkuaria Publisher, www.akkuaria.com). Besides, Claudio Ci. will take place to the event of the XV Rassegna Nazionale degli Editori that will be in the fair district of the city of Campi Salentina (LE), where at November 26th 2009, at 19.00, he will introduce his harvest of poetries. Whoever was interested in participating, please looks at www.cittadellibro.net or writes at violettears@virgilio.it . The recording of the new album, whose title still uncertain could be Outside your door, is finished last July. It should be available on Ark Records for the first months of 2010. Soon more news! Meanwhile, already the Violet Tears are working on new songs, in sight of the realization of another album. See you soon!!


Dear fiends finally we’re recording at Itaca Recording Studio the new album, at the moment called “Angels and toys”, which will be completed during the next week. In Gallery you can see some photos gone off during the new recording session. As soon more details about completion of the album and its time of publication! Claudio Ci. will publish soon his first harvest of poetries, entitled “Dal proscenio di un’esistenza a caso” (featuring the poetry “Ascensione”, winning of the prize of the jury to the contest “Fortunato Pasqualino 2009”), actually in phase of press for the publishing house Akkuaria (www.akkuaria.com). To order the book, please, write to silenttear@virgilio.it or veraambra@akkuaria.com .Soon more news!


Dear friends, we'll be on stage again on the 21th of March 2009 in Frattamaggiore (Na), at Club House Europa (for more details, please, look at the page "Concerts", or at the link http://www.myspace.com/lascalaprivata/), where we'll propose you some new songs from the forthcoming album, temporarily called "Angels and toys". After the concert in Frattamaggiore, we'll start to record the nine new songs which will appear in "Angels and toys", of next publication. Meanwhile, "Breeze of solitude" has been recognize 2008 fourth good album by the chart of sector Gothic Era (www.gothicera.com), while one of the songs in it contained, "Waves of loneliness" is classified first in the section dedicated to the 2008 best songs. Thanks to all of you and see you soon for new updatings!


Dear readers, our forthcoming album is almost ready and we’re thinking to record it during the first mounths of the new year. Title is yet uncertain, but the new work will be composed by 9 new songs (Goodbye, Outside your door, The garden of souls, Babble, Somewhere under the sea, In whisper, Against the light, Ever dead new water, Angeli in fiamme), conceptually related to Breeze of solitude thematics. The page Reviews has been updated, including some new glosses about Breeze of solitude. We announce, further, that you can read two new interviews about the band at www.rosaselvaggia.com and on the German magazine Crawling Tunes Magazine (info at http://www.crawlingtunes.net.tc/). As soon we’ll start to play live again! Thank you for your attention!


Hi all, we want to thank all the people that went for us to MetaMorfosi pub in Rome. Many of you asked us to publish the lyrics traslation in italian, so this is the news, take a look to the italian lyrics page to see what you asked for ;-] We have also updated the reviews page. See you soon to the next concert!


Next mounth (24th of May) we'll play in Rome at MetaMorfosi (as always see in Concert for details)


Dear readers, we’ll play a special gig in Bari (see in Concerts for more details) at the 10th of April to officially present the new album Breeze of solitude. We hope to meet all of you that night! We’ve added other reviews about Breeze. All our best…


Dear friends, the Gallery is updated, so you can find there more pictures, included the session of Breeze of solitude. We have added some new reviews about Cold memories & remains and the first about the new album Breeze of solitude. We hope to play live soon, probably in Bari, to present officially the new work. Soon more news! Our regards…


Dear readers,
here we are again shrouded in a new look, thank to the precious help of our friends Donatello Boccaforno and Floriana Lamarca. All the sections of the website have been updated, so welcome and have a nice surfing!

Ark Records (www.arkrecords.net) ended to print the first edition of the new album, Breeze of solitude, which will be available soon (certainly in the next days!) in a wonderful Digipak format with 16 pages booklet. Order it now writing us at violettears@virgilio.it or at info@arkrecords.net and please, enjoy some mp3 sample from Breeze of solitude at www.myspace.com/theofficialviolettearsspace. You can also write us at violettears@virgilio.it to order your copy of Cold memories and remains and Fragments of broken dreams (in its promotional version). We’re working hard on a new album and nine new songs are ready. We hope to record all this material during the next year, probably in winter.
Soon more news, all the best!


Dear friends, here we're again!
Sorry for the long delay in updating, but different changes passed during this time. We have broken off our business relations with Fossil Dungeon because of its organization problems (The Fossil Dungeon is now a digital label) and we have signed a three-year contract with the Italian label Ark Records (www.arkrecords.net). So, we're proud to announce that our new album, Breeze of solitude, is coming soon in a Digipak format cd with 16 pages booklet. Violet Tears have now an own pages on My Space: please, visit us at www.myspace.com/theofficialviolettearsspace.
We'll play a special gig in Bari on the 31th of October (see in concert for details) presenting '80 darkband cover (Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees, etc.).
Finally, we'll soon update all our website thank to our friends Donatello Boccaforno and Floriana Lamarca. See you soon!!!


Some new reviews have been added in chronological order in the "Reviews" page on the rightside menù.
You can download the song "In the throat of the unbounded" from "Cold memories & remains" album, at the website www.thedside.it.
We'll play in Bari at Nordwind Pub (see in Concerts for more details) on the 25th of February.
As soon some news about the forthcoming album "Breeze of Solitude"
See you soon!



Waiting for the forthcoming album, "Breeze of Solitude", we'll be on stage in Bari (see in "Concerts" for more details) on the 16th of December: during this gig, we'll play some new songs. After the concert, Gianluca (Dj Violet Tear) will play a lot of music. The "Reviews" page has been updated again!


The "Reviews" page has been updated!!
Here you can find all the new reviews about "Cold memories & remains".
"Breeze of solitude" should be published by The Fossil Dungeon between genuary and february, in a tall Digipak format. Soon more news and updating!!


The promotion of "Cold memories & remains" has began: an interview to the band will appear on the next number of Ascension Magazine, while another one will be published on September by the magazine Rock Hard. In the meanwhile we're trying to organize some concerts around Italy starting from next October - November.
The new album "Breeze of Solitude", consisting of nine new songs (Rising Tide, Doubt, Eternal Illusion, Homecoming, Waves of Loneliness, The long Years, Velvet Moon, Dimenticati, Drowned...) is ready and it should be available between the end of the year and the early 2007 on Fossil Dungeon ( www.fossildungeon.com ), moreover, we're always planning the reprinting of our first work "Fragments of broken dreams".

Claudio Ci. is thinking to record his first work as Apoptosis (Violet Tears side-project) within the end of the year: "Near-death Experiences" will be formed by 14 songs, subdivided in three acts between a beginning and a closing.

Have a great summer!!


Hallo everybody! METHEORAH Organization is proud to announce: 28.4.2006, Kirlian Camera, Coroner's Sun Concert, the official presentation of the new album in an exclusive concert in Bari. Special Guest: Violet Tears, the official presentation of "Cold memories & remains" ( The Fossil Dungeon, www.fossildungeon.com ). After the concerts, Dance Hall selected by Dj Violet Tear (New-wave, E.B.M., '80s, Synth Pop, Dark & Gothic...). You can find all the information about the place and the time of the concert in "Concerts". See you soon.



Finally, "Cold memories & remains" has been published by The Fossil Dungeon ( www.fossildungeon.com ). At the time the album is available in USA and soon in Europe. Bye!


"Cold memories & remains" will be available for the end of the mounth on The Fossil Dungeon in a luxurious Digipak with lyrics, photos and more. You can enjoy some audio sample to the web address www.fossildungeon.com. We'll be recording our new work, "Breeze of solitude", on the 27th of January.
The album will feature nine new songs and will be published by The Fossil Dungeon in mid-to-late 2006. One song from "Cold memories & remains" will be included on the next installment of Darknoise's CD compilation series (from Chile, South America, www.darknoisemagazine.tk ).

Claudio Ci. is working on his side-project called Apoptosis, featuring his cousin Massimiliano and Carmen. The debut album, featuring fifteen tracks of neo-classical and ethnically influenced music and titled "Near-death experiences", will be record later this year.


After some problems and a great delay, "Cold memories & remains" should be out between the end of December and the early January. The artwork is ready and the album is going to be printed.
We decided to record "Breeze of solitude" the next January, but you could listen some of the new songs during our next show at "Nord Wind disco-pub" (more details in "Concerts") on the 11th of December. After the concert, dj Violet Tear (Gianluca) will play loud a lot of music for you all! The "Gallery" section will be updated as soon with some new pictures. In the end of December you could read a new interview to our band on the Chilean magazine "Darknoise" ( http://darknoise.host.sk ).
See you soon and take care!


Greetings to everybody! This is the first new after an hot holiday. Now we would refresh you with "a touch of gelid Baroque breeze"... The album "Cold memories & remains" should be out in late October/early November, while we would record the new work "Breeze of solitude" in Genuary.
We hope to play a little around Italy after the pubblication of "Cold memories & remains". At the moment we bring to your attention two new live act (see in "Concerts" for more details).
We'll play in Bari (at "Federico II") on the 31th of October in a party organized to celebrate the Halloween night. The concert will be an own personal tribute to some of our favourite bands (Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Christian Death, Bauhaus, and so on). After the show, Gianluca (as dj Violet Tear) will liven up the night with dj D-Loop.
We'll be again on stage on the 11th of November in Corato (Ba) at the "Arris Cafè".
Finally, during this time, Claudio Ci. started to works to the songs that will be included on the 4th album, but we doubt it's too early to speak about this!! Bye!


Hallo everybody! The summer it's getting hot, but we are still working on the forthcoming album "Breeze of Solitude". We decided to put off the recording of the new songs, prefering to look after their sound in the best possible way. We just recorded a demo in July, "the summer sessions", including all the new tracks and some covers. At the moment the recording of "Breeze of Solitude" are fixed in the early October. Since this month is available the American magazine "Livid Looking Glass", including an interview to the band. Who is interested in, can order the magazine directly at info@lividlookingglass.com (Ron).
The printing of "Cold Memories and Remains" is still in progress, we hope the album could be available as soon. After a long time (sorry!) the lyric of "Eternal nights" has been included in the page "Lyrics".
We wish you a nice summer holiday!



Here the latest news. We'll play live soon (look for the place in "Concerts" page) in Talsano (TA) the 1st of May. This one will be probably the last concert before the recording of the new album. Soon more news about the recording! Greetings.


The release of “Cold memories and remains” is in progress, we hope the album could be out soon. In the meantime, we’re pleased to announce the reprint of “Fragments of broken dreams” for the end of the year, always on Fossil Dungeon, together with the publication of the new album we’re working about, whose title should be “Breeze of solitude”.
Until now nine new songs are ready to be recorded (Rising Tide, Doubt, Dimenticati, Velvet Moon, Waves of Loneliness, Homecoming, The Long Years, Eternal Illusion and Drowned). You can read the first review about “Cold memories and remains” in the related page (Reviews) on this website. The review, together with the band interview, is by the magazine “Herz und Geist” (Secondo Semestre 2004, Anno II). Even if so late (sorry…) the Releases page is updated as well: here you can find the cover of the “Circolo della Vela, Vol. II” compilation, we attended to with the song “Eternal Nights” in a live version.


The gig in Rome is delated, because of problems of Mephisto Waltz with the promoters. "Fragments of broken dreams" will be probably reprinted next summer always on Fossil Dungeon, while the third album, we are working about, will be out on December 2005.


Violet Tears will play live on the 31th of October for the HALLOWEEN NIGHT, in Bari at the "Taverna Vecchia del Maltese" and after the show the party will go on and on with a non-stop dance hall by our Dj Violet Tear!!!!! More info in "Concerts"!!!



Here the latest news, after so long time...
We had some problems with our web-site updating, but now, thanks to Carmen, it's all right! The new album "Cold memories and remains" will be out later this year for the American label "The Fossil Dungeon" ( www.fossildungeon.com ) and is going to be printed in a Digipak format. We found Michael very kind and the partnership prestigious, so that it's going to be extended to the next releases too. We'll open the show of Mephisto Walz in Rome, on the 5th of December, at "Circolo degli artisti" (you'll find the club address in the "Concerts" page and write us for more information at violettears@virgilio.it ), but we're looking around for other concerts too, before that time.
One song from "Cold memories...", Eternal night, in a live version appeared on the "Circolodellavela Vol. II" compilation: the recording quality is not great, but the hearing pleasant.
We're working about some of the songs of our 3rd album. At the moment 8 new tracks are almost completed (Rising tide, Doubt, Dimenticati, Caught, Fading like a star, The long years, Velvet moon, Drowned): the new work is going to be a sort of "concept" about the "solitude". We think the results are very nice!!! Bye!!


Finally is online the new official web-site of Violet Tears!! The site has been revised in some of its sections (History, Photo Gallery, Reviews) and enriched with some new voices (Release and Lyrics, Concerts, MP3). The edition of “Fragments of broken dreams” produced by Anaemic Waves Factory ( www.awf.it ) is sold out, so no more available. We remind to all those interested in buying this work that it can be ordered directly from Violet Tears in a promotional version mailing to violettears@virgilio.it or silenttear@virgilio.it. The price of one cd is 8€ + 2€ for forwarding charges. The band has finished to record 9 new songs, which will appear on the forthcoming full length album “Cold memories and remains” (total running time, 57 minutes): its getting out is nearby! The 9 new tracks are called: In the throat of the unbounded, Silence, Polvere, Don’t wake me up, The submerged and the saved, Eternal nights, Floating into nothing, Angel in the mirror, My secret words.
From long time Maria Teresa and Carmela have abandoned our project, and just for a short time, a new bass player, Tiziana Tosto, has worked with us. So now we’re four. A song of the new album, Eternal nights, in a live version, will probably appear soon in a compilation. We’ll play the 30th of April in Bari at “Les Fleurs du Mal”, for the presentation of the new album.
Soon more news, all the best!

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